The vibrant brand that Miami Grill® has become today began with a single restaurant in Key West, Florida in 1983: Mr. Submarine. From there, the brand experienced rapid growth as “Miami Subs” during the 90’s, garnering a cult-like following through its distinctive Miami-inspired design and delicious made-to-order meals like Wings, Cheesesteaks, Fresh Angus Burgers, and authentic Greek-style Gyros.


In 2012, Miami Subs partnered with international music sensation Pitbull on a mission to take the brand worldwide. A Miami native, Pitbull grew up dining at Miami Subs restaurants, and recognized the brand's vibrant style and energy as a tremendous business opportunity. Far from just a sub shop, today Miami Grill® continues to offer more to everyone, including grilled Mahi Mahi, Wraps, and even beer and wine, all in a sleek new concept true to the brand's 80's South Beach vibe. With over 200 Miami Restaurants under contract currently, the brand continues to provide phenomenal opportunities for growth in both domestic and international markets.


According to Black Box Intelligence, a financial performance benchmark company for the restaurant industry, the industry’s same-store sales were up eight-tenths of a percent in March of 2018 and transactions were down 2.1%. By comparison, Miami Grill® experienced a 10.9% positive same-store swing and a 10% increase swing in transactions for the same period.


First Quarter results for the restaurant industry for same-store sales were up slightly at one-tenth of a percent and a decline of 2.7% for transactions.  By contrast, Miami Grill® saw a staggering 14.2% same-store positive sales swing and an impressive 12.5% increase in transactions.  Equally impressive for Miami Grill®, same-store comparable sales have been positive in 56 of the last 58 months and in 19 consecutive quarters.


According to Richard Chwatt, Miami Grill® CEO & President, “Our continued emphasis on upscaling and enhancing the brand, restaurant renovations, strong restaurant operations, strategic marketing campaigns, leading edge technology and a growing partnership with UberEats as well as other third-party delivery companies has all resonated with our guests and resulted in our stellar performance.”


Miami Grill® franchisees have the additional co-branding options within their Miami Grill Franchising Agreement. Under an arrangement with a Miami Grill® subsidiary, Salad & Organic Food Services, LLC, certain franchised and company-owned Miami Grill Restaurants and Salad Creations Restaurants, may be given the right to sell, in addition to their own System’s products, selected product of the other company.


Miami Grill® also offers co-branding opportunities with the franchisor of the ‘Nathan’s Famous” concept, allowing certain “Nathan’s Famous” products to be incorporated into selected Miami Grill® Restaurant locations.